Skin Treatmements For Women, Men & Teens

Often skin can become out of balance, which may cause temporary problems such as dehydration or blemishes or discoloration. A customized daily skin care regimen or treatment products address specific conditions and put the skin back into balance. A customized facial offers maximum hydration and healing while improving the appearance of the skin.


All facial treatments start with a personalized skin assessment and are customized for each client's individual skin needs.



Consultation w/Skin Analysis  50  /  45 min  

This informative service done with the skin analysis machine includes a full skin analysis, individual analysis report with pictures of your skin. BNE Skin Care product suggestion and mini product kit that includes, cleanser, astringent, and moisturizer. 




Virtual Consultation   /  25  /  45 min

Personalized virtual consultation is done by Zoom. Go over your current skincare regimen and products, view your skin to determine your skin's needs. Recommend BNE Skin Care products and other home care products you will need. You will be able to ask questions so you will know how to properly take care of your skin.​​​




Consultation & Treatment Same Day   Price to be discussed  /  1hr 30 min This consultation is for those that are unsure of what treatment to book. A consultation will be done to go over what treatment is needed along with the cost of service that will be performed that day. 

DMK Cosmetics Foundation Color Match /  30 min

Foundation colors will be swatched on your skin to determine the best color match. DMK HD Loose Powder will be applied as well.

(Complimentary Service)

Facial Services



BNE Hydra Ultimate Facial    / 95  /  60 min 

(Without Microdermabrasion)

BNE Hydra Ultimate Facial 

(With Microdermabrasion)  /  140 /  75 min

This treatment deep cleanse the pores, lifts aways impurities. dislodge and remove blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum, allowing for easier extractions. Improve fine lines, congested and enlarged pores with Microdermabrasion to remove superficial layer of skin cells. This treatment can also improve circulation, detoxify, tone and firm skin. Customized serums are infused into the skin for superior hydration. 




BNE Deluxe Facial  / 85  /  60 min

(Deep Cleansing Includes Neck & Decollete)

This facial is customized to help remove dirt, impurities and blackheads and whiteheads from the skin. Hydrates and leaves skin with a beautiful glow.




Custom Hydrating Facial   /  95  /    75 min

This service helps put moisture back into severely dry, dehydrated skin. An enzyme treatment dissolves dead skin cells, red LED light helps calm skin, reduce inflammation and produce collagen, a double layermask with a special serum puts moisture and hydration back into the skin. 




Teen Facial Treatment   /  65  /  60 min

This facial is great for the teen with problematic skin and also teaches about home care routines that help produce clearer healthy skin.

(For Ages 11-18)




BNE Express Facial   /  45  /  30 min

This facial is great for those short on time. Personalized treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin

in just 30 minutes. 




Back Facial /  80  /  50 min
This treatment will leave your skin healthy and glowing.Back facials have a range of benefits. People of all skin types can take advantage of this service. A back facial treatment will help to cleanse, clarify, and exfoliate the skin, while treating any congestion and reveal brighter and smoother skin. 




Acne Treatments 



Acne Treatment   /   75 min

6 Series Treatment Plan  /  350  

12 Series Treatment Plan  /  550

Acne treatments are completely customized, the visit we go over all of your products, identify any problematic ingredients, conduct a thorough skin analysis and create a tailored skincare routine in detail. This customized acne treatment will help get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, reduce bacteria and excessive sebum from deep within the pores and soothe inflammation that will help clear your skin. 

Back Acne Treatment    /   60 min

6 Series treatment  / 450

12 Series treatment   /   695  

This treatment for the back helps reduce blemishes, remove blackheads and whiteheads. Treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, LED light therapy. This helps to kill bacteria on the skin. and also acts as a mild anti-inflammatory agent to improves skin texture and clarity.





Corrective Treatments


Microcurrent Skin Tightening Treatment 

(Non-Surgical Facelift)   45 min

6 Series treatment  /  395  

10 Series treatment  /  545

Microcurrent helps to lift and re-educate muscles. The procedure sends a low micro current which mirrors your own body's electrical currents on a cellular level, increasing cellular energy (ATP) to muscle cells leading to increased muscle tone. Firms your skin and defines your features. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, increases cellular activity, and tightens pores. The overall result is healthier and younger looking skin.

Microdermabrasion  /  30 min

1 treatment  /  85 

6 Series treatment   /  275

Microdermabrasion Treatment gently removes the outer layer of skin by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin.  It helps to accelerate skin cell turn over and improving skin's texture and appearance revealing smoother, softer skin. Used in series, these treatments will improve sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, pore size, blackheads and whiteheads, and signs of early aging.




Green Tea Lactic Peel    /    30 min

1 treatment  /  125

6 series treatment  /  325.00

This superfical peel exfoliates the skin, brightens the complexion, repairs the skin reducing wrinkles, fine lines and firms the skin. 

Jessner Peel    /   60 min

1 treatment   /  150  

3 series treatment  /  350 

Jessner Peel is suitable for skin types oily, acneic, sun-damaged & hyperpigmented skin. This treatment improves skin tone, texture, and clarity. Reduction of acne, clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles & discoloration. Increase in collagen and elastin production.​​​




Even Skin Tone Treatment  /  30 min   

6 series treatment  /  350

This treatment helps lighten and clear dark spots and even skin tone. Perfect for spot treating hyperpigmentation, uneven complexion, and melasma. Helps even out and smooth skin tone and uncover a renewed glow.




Glycolic  Peel    /   30 min

1 treatment  /  125   

6 series treatment  /  325  

This peel dissolves the uppermost layer of the epidermis revealing fresh, smooth skin, reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, increased collagen, firms, and tightens the skin. This treatment can improve overall skin health and appearance.​




Hair & Razor Bump Treatment   /  60 min

1 treatment  /  125

6 series treatment  /  425

This treatment helps to treat ingrown hairs, razor bumps and acne. Reduces bacteria and inflammation. The 6 series treatment also includes 1 Jessner Peel to help with ingrown hairs and clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. The Jessner Peel is done after the 6 series treatment has been completed.





Anti Aging Facials

Rezenerate NanoFacial     

1 Treatment  /  125  /  80 min

(With Microdermabrasion)  /  150  /  1hr 30 min  

4 Series Treatment   /   399   /  80 min  

(With Microdermabrasion)  /  499  /  1hr 50 min

ReZENerate NanoFacial The groundbreaking Rezenerate NanoFacial drastically reduces fine lines and leaves your skin feeling & looking younger. Utilizing cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the pressure points of Acupressure, principles of Yogicfacial exercises, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy, Rezenerate NanoFacial delivers unparalleled ‘Rez’ults! It provides immediate plumpness while also allowing for greater absorption of the nutrients introduced into the skin during the treatment. This treatment is customized for each client for their specific indications and is totally relaxing. This is a fabulous choice for someone who wants a truly corrective treatment without any downtime!

(This Treatment includes Red LED Light)


Firm & Glow Facial   /  75 min

​​1 treatment   /   150

This is a great Anti Aging treatment that includes Microcurrent and the new Argireline Contouring Mask by Esthemax. Argireline is an anti-wrinkle

​peptide that helps prevent wrinkles by inhibiting muscle movement. Targets fine lines, expression lines, large pores, creases, keeps skin smooth and improves moisture levels in the skin. This treatment will tighten and firm your skin and give it a beautiful healthy glow.




​24K Gold Firming Facial   /  75 min

1 treatment   /  95    

24K Gold anti-aging rejuvenation facial will revitalize and replenish your skin. Gold helps slow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. This facial will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, combat free radicals, accelerate rejuvenation, replenish elasticity and skin suppleness leaving your skin glowing and soft to the touch. 




Microcurrent Firming Facial 

(Skin Tightening )   75 min

1 treatment  /  125  

Microcurrent helps to lift and re-educate muscles. The procedure sends a low micro current which mirrors your own body's electrical currents on a cellular level, increasing cellular energy (ATP) to muscle cells leading to increased muscle tone. Firms your skin and defines your features. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, increases cellular activity, and tightens pores. The overall result is healthier and younger looking skin. 




BNE Red Carpet Facial  /  90 min

1 treatment  /  250

This facial will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Rejuvenate, hydrate, and firm the skin with Rezenerate NanoFacial and Microcurrent to give your skin an instant non-surgical lift by firming your facial muscles, reduce undereye puffiness, smooths fine lines, and wrinkles. Red LED Light Therapy will stimulate the fibroblast that produces collagen in the skin.




Red LED Light Skin Rejuvenation   /  60 min

1 treatment  /  95

6 series treatment  /  285

Red light LED stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump, firm look. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage and reduce redness after more aggressive IPL or laser treatments. Creates a more youthful looking skin.

  • Full Face           55                            

  • Upper Lip         15                             

  •  Chin                 15                              

  • Side Burns       20

  • Cheeks             20                                

  • Bikini                30                               

  • Underarms      25                               

  • Stomach          25                             

Please inform if you are currently using or have used Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Accutane. These products can make the skin thinner and more sensitive


Eyebrow Design


Eyebrow Wax & Design  /  15

(Includes brow fill w/brow pencil and highlight)​

Strip Lashes 


Strip Lashes & Application /  20 


Makeup Application  /    45

Add Strip Lashes  /   10

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