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BNE Foundation Story

BNE Foundation is a Non-Profit Foundation that helps empower women by promoting and providing skin care services, skin care education, and skincare products. We promote skin health, help raise awareness, and support needy individuals. We will support underserved or disadvantaged individuals, promote self-esteem and self-care, or fund charitable causes.  We will engage with communities through events, workshops, and outreach programs. We also plan to collaborate with other local nonprofits to create a network of support and resources. We are having those who want to be sponsored for their services fill out the registration form so the donors know how much they will donate regularly to cover the cost of services and products.  



Sponsored Appointments

(FREE SKIN CARE TREATMENT) are limited, starting with the first 100 women to sign up.  

All Donations are tax-deductible.


 Sponsorship Program Requirements And Appointment Booking Once Program Starts:

(we will contact you once we are ready for you to send your pictures)

  1. Fill out the full membership intake form on the website after selecting an appointment. 

  2. Take three clear pictures of your skin in a well-lit room. (Front, Left Side, Right Side)

  3. Email pictures to


 Sponsorship Registration For This Quarter Is Closed.

We Will Announce At A Later Date When It Will Start Again


Thanks for registering; your form has been submitted successfully! We will be in contact with you closer to the sponsorship program starting.


888-326-3336 (coming soon!)

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